Research by Richard Bakken

by Peggy Anthony published Oct 09, 2018 03:26 PM, last modified Oct 09, 2018 03:26 PM

How Hard Data Informs Soft Skills: The Impact of Technology and Leadership Development in a Digital World

Authors: James Dobbs, Richard Bakken and Maureen A. Guarcello

Abstract: The development and use of technology continues to grow in our professional spaces as new tools and applications for increased productivity are discovered. Just as these advancements have introduced opportunities they also present challenges that may not have not been previously considered. The authors of the chapter, “How Hard Data Inform Soft Skills: The Impact of Technology and Leadership Development in a Digital World” explored connections between technology and leadership development through three lenses: the use of technology applications within leadership education in the U.S. Military; how leadership practice and technology are considered in different educational environments, and how the use of learning analytics and predictive models may promote decision-making and leader development in both higher education and the military. By examining these intersections, the authors hope to bring to light new ways of engaging and training future leaders and increasing a shared understanding of how technology might impact data-informed, humanistic processes.

Citation: Dobbs, J., Bakken R., & Guarcello, M.A. (2017). How hard data informs soft skills: the impact of technology and leadership development in a digital world. In Daniel Watola and Allister MacIntyre (Eds.), The Impact of Technology on Leadership. Kingston, Ontario: Canadian Defence Academy Press, pp. 1-15.