Andrew Katayama Ph.D.

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Andrew Katayama, Ph.D.

Andrew Katayama Ph.D.

Lecturer in Psychology


  1. Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Mississippi State University
  2. M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction, Freed-Hardeman University
  3. B.S.E., Secondary Education & Psychology, Freed-Hardeman University


Dr. Andy Katayama is an instructor in the MPS in Psychology of Leadership program.  His research and teaching foci have been in the areas of Learning and Cognition where he has taught a number of courses in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, and Marriage and Family. His publications have been in the areas of Learning Strategies, Team Efficacy, Assistive Technology in Special Education, and Sports Psychology among other areas of scholarship.   

Selected Publications:

Katayama, A. D., Mastroianni, G. & Blitch, J.  (2019). Rats!  The Benefits and Challenges of Using Rats in a Learning Course.  Operants: B.F. Skinner Foundation, 3, 10-14.

Kelley, C. P., Soboroff, S. D., Katayama, A. D., Pfeiffer, M., & Lovaglia, M. J. (2018).  Institutional Reforms and the Recoupling of Academic and Athletic Performance in High-Profile College Sports.  The Sports Journal, 1-25.

Butler, M. A., Katayama, A. D., Schindling, C. L., & Dials, K. L. (2016).  Assessing Resilience in Students Who Are Deaf or Blind:  Supplementing Standardized Achievement Testing.  The Journal of Educational Research.

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DeRohan, R. N., Nagy, C. K., Meisenhelder, H., & Katayama, A. D. (2011). Using team efficacy    surveys to help promote self-and-team-efficacy among college athletes. The Sports Journal, 14 (1), on-line publication ISSN: 1543-9518.

Katayama, A. D., Yip, L. A., & Stewart, D. K. (2010). Using the PointScribe Writing Program to Help Develop and Promote Handwriting among Learning Disabled Children. Journal of Research in Education, 19, 41-56.

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