Course Offerings

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For a comprehensive discussion of the MPS in Psychology of Leadership degree requirements, including course planning guidance, please refer to the MPS Degree Requirements documentation.

Psychology Courses

The MPS in Psychology of Leadership program plans to offer the following courses during the indicated upcoming terms. List is current as of March 2021 but may be subject to change. 

LEAD 555*

Full Range Leadership Development FA21

LEAD 556*

Diversity Leadership SU21

PSY 532*

Psychological Foundations of Leadership Every Semester

PSY 539*

Foundations of Behavior, Motivation, and Attitudes at Work Every Semester

PSY 811

Global and Cross-Cultural Leadership FA21, SP22

PSY 812

Group Leadership and Effective Decision Making SU21, FA21, SP22

PSY 813

Leadership for Creativity and Innovation FA21, SP22

PSY 814

Psychology of Leading Work Groups and Teams FA21, SP22

PSY 815

Psychology of Servant and Authentic Leadership SU21

PSY 816

Dysfunctional Leadership SU21, FA21, SP22

PSY 817

Psychology of Shared and Collective Leadership 
FA21, SP22

PSY 818

Leadership Assessment and Development FA21

PSY 833**

Ethics and Leadership: Psychological and Social Processes SU21, FA21, SP22

PSY 894***

The Capstone Experience (two sections) Every Semester


*All sections of all 500-level courses are open to all graduate students. 800-level PSY courses are open to PSYLD students only.

**Formerly PSY 533.

***Students require prior approval from the program in order to enroll. 

Non-Psychology Electives

The following is a comprehensive list of approved non-Psychology elective courses for the MPS-PSYLD program. Please refer to the Schedule of Courses to see if a class is offered during a given semester. 


Title Registration Instructions

COMM 531

Strategic Communications Theory and Implementation Contact Shannon Kennan at for permission.

HPA 805

Change Leadership in Health Services Organizations Contact Daphne L. Mark at Attach your resume to the email and copy in your MPS_PSYLD advisor to indicate their approval

HRER 802

Human Behavior and Organizational Performance  Contact Tricia Everhart at for permission.

HRER 836

Diversity in the Workplace Contact Tricia Everhart at for permission.

HRER 860

Ethical Decision Making for HR Practitioners Contact Tricia Everhart at for permission.

LEAD 862

Strategic Leadership Students may register via LionPATH

LER 464 / OLEAD 464

Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations Students may register via LionPATH

MGMT 507

Positive Organizational Behavior and Wellbeing Students may register via LionPATH

MGMT 823

Organizational Change: Theory and Practice Students may register via LionPATH

MGMT 841

Human Resource Management Students may register via LionPATH


Leadership Development: A Lifelong Learning Perspective Students may register via LionPATH

WFED 572

Foundations in Organization Development and Change Contact Tracey McCloskey at for permission.

WFED 585

Appraising Organization Change and Development and Consulting Contact Tracey McCloskey at for permission.

WFED 884

Appreciative Inquiry Contact Tracey McCloskey at for permission.