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by Web Manager published May 10, 2017 09:45 AM, last modified Apr 09, 2020 02:09 PM

Explore the challenges and realities of leadership. Some individuals are thrust into leadership positions by circumstance; others seek those positions with specific goals in mind.  Leadership success is a complex nexus of personality, skill, and opportunity. Read these news stories to learn about the successes and failures of leaders in the public eye.


What Leaders Can Learn From Governor Cuomo About How to Communicate During a Crisis (04/08/2020)

“In the midst of crisis, we look to our leaders for guidance, assurance, information and a sense of safety. Their ability to communicate and keep the populace calm, while also motivating them to make personal sacrifices for the sake of public health, is paramount. Crisis communication — whether you’re leading a country, city or business — requires three key elements: the authority you exhibit, the warmth you convey and the energy you exude and bring out in others” (article, para. 3).

International Women’s Day: Tech VIPs on How to Thrive in the Digital World (03/08/2020)

Women in leadership at top technology companies share their insights about success.  The common themes?  Learn a wide range of technical skills as well as social-emotional skills.  Leverage diversity in empowering the current generation and educating the next generation.

Jack Welch, The GE Chief Who Became a Superstar, Has Died (03/02/2020)

Jack Welch was GE’s chairman and chief executive from 1981 to 2001.  Those who worked with Welch described him as brilliant and visionary.  He earned his nickname “Neutron Jack” because of his gutsy business strategy and results-driven management.


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