Faculty Research

by Peggy Anthony published Nov 09, 2017 01:30 PM, last modified Mar 09, 2020 02:46 PM

Richard Bakken, Ph.D (bio)

Dr. Bakken’s areas of research interest include topics in leadership, student affairs, and technology.  His primary work stems from initial onsite research at several Western Universities at Education City in Doha, Qatar.

 James Dobbs, Ph.D. (bio)

Dr. Dobbs studies topics such as leadership development and self-awareness, toxic leadership, cynicism, and assessment of leadership programs. Both traditional approaches (formal education, mentoring, on the job experience, and executive seminar training programs) and non-traditional approaches (experiential learning in the wilderness and the art of influencing others through role-playing exercises) to leadership development are examined.

Douglas R. Lindsay, Ph.D. (bio)

Dr. Lindsay’s research focuses on such topics as leader development, followership, shared leadership, leader education, and the understanding of leadership in different contexts (e.g., military).

George R. Mastroianni, Ph.D. (bio)

Dr. Mastroianni is interested in leadership and ethical behavior, and has commented extensively on the 2003 abuses at Abu Ghraib. His main scholarly interests for the last several years have centered on the psychology of the Holocaust.