by Peggy Anthony published Sep 12, 2017 11:35 AM, last modified Mar 03, 2020 03:59 PM
We value students’ feedback and we know we’ve hit the target when students recommend the Psychology of Leadership program to others. Read quotes from students who affirm the quality and value of what we have to offer.



Yes, I absolutely would recommend the program to others.  The information is provided clearly and concisely.  The information is immediately applicable to work environments.  The workload is appropriately manageable.  The instructors are approachable.

    Brendan Bagley, May 2018 graduate

The most important learning insight I have gained from taking the MPS Psychology of Leadership program is to analyze and evaluate any given issue from multiple angles, not only to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is going on but to also develop a solution that recognizes the complexities of workplace issues.

    Annette Franco, August 2019 graduate

I don't even know where to start! This program has helped me better understand how to successfully lead teams, whether it's through development or motivation or designing appropriate performance and reward systems. It also has helped me better understand why dysfunctional leaders become dysfunctional and ways to help avoid and diminish negative outcomes. I am aware of my biases and how they could impact my ability to lead. I better understand how to be successful leading people in a global and virtual environment.

    December 2019 graduate

Before starting this program, I had a fairly difficult time articulating my words and the points I was trying to make. Since being in the program I have noticed I am more intentional when communicating in written and verbal form. I use different leadership skills in my professional, personal and even friendships. I don't know if there would have been another master's program that would have fit me better.

   Ashli Baker, December 2019 graduate