Success Stories

by Peggy Anthony published Sep 12, 2017 11:30 AM, last modified Jul 25, 2018 01:15 PM
Students frequently tell us how the Psychology of Leadership program has impacted their professional and personal lives. The quotes below are just a sampling of the success stories we have received.

Utilizing the plan I developed and taking the appropriate steps to make a difference in my work group has been a big deal.  It has had a positive impact on the entire department in which I work.  After being able to place concepts learned from the courses in real life situations, I can better identify more solutions to issues that arise.

LaKiesha Alexander, May 2017 graduate

I definitely feel like I am receiving a higher education and I am starting to understand why co-workers and customers act the way they do.  I am also learning how to work with people in a different manner.

Erika Gatis, May 2018 graduate

As a leader, but also as a mom and wife I have seen the shift in my behavior, motivation and attitude. The program promotes self-awareness and self-monitoring to advance as an effective leader.

Carla Guzman, December 2016 graduate

Rather than act on simple experience and instinct, I now analyze situations at a much deeper level, look for research to back my opinions and make educated decisions about leadership.  I am able to pass on much of that to our junior staff and model the development for them.

Daren Kullman, May 2017 graduate

As a first time civilian employee, many of the practices that I learned as a military leader were not easily integrated into my new role as a regional program manager of civilian personnel. In every course of this program, I have been able to take a leadership theory or practice back to my personal employment position and begin applying it. My team's outcomes have improve significantly. I've learned how to identify dysfunctional behavior and address it with a leader's human concern immediately. I have observed my program's turnover rate reduce significantly.

Tom Peters, MPS student

I have become a better leader because I am now familiar with both alternative and traditional leadership practices and believe I can now implement those ideas into any corporation and be successful at the task.

Leonard Pitts, August 2017 graduate

I have used the program to develop a successful model of leadership in my unit, a first ever global mentoring program in my Division, functional organizational chart, span of control and this has transcended to benefit my team members. The program has also enhanced my conversations with co-workers that heard of my involvement in the program simply by creating an open dialogue in the work place about the importance of leadership at all levels and all ranks.

John Warrington, MPS student