Success Stories

by Peggy Anthony published Sep 12, 2017 11:30 AM, last modified Mar 03, 2020 04:02 PM
Students frequently tell us how the Psychology of Leadership program has impacted their professional and personal lives. The quotes below are just a sampling of the success stories we have received.


As a leader, but also as a mom and wife I have seen the shift in my behavior, motivation and attitude. The program promotes self-awareness and self-monitoring to advance as an effective leader.

Carla Guzman, December 2016 graduate

Rather than act on simple experience and instinct, I now analyze situations at a much deeper level, look for research to back my opinions and make educated decisions about leadership.  I am able to pass on much of that to our junior staff and model the development for them.

Daren Kullman, May 2017 graduate 

I shared what I learned almost daily with my staff and watched over the two years how applying course concepts actually work in a real-world environment.

    Robert Reeve, May 2019 graduate

Overall, I have grown as an individual with a new outlook on leadership from a psychological perspective.  I can now apply many leadership principles in both non-profit and profit organizations and appreciate the knowledge that moves an organization both internally and externally.

   Susan Kolyno Wells, December 2019 graduate

The program challenged me in all areas of my life! There were times when I did not think that I would be able to progress, but I did it. It teaches you this unspoken truth of what perseverance and resilience looks like. I think that two things happen in grad school, one is you learn the content and two you learn about who you are.

   Nicole Dana Nungoor, December 2019 graduate