Welcome to the Leadership Café!

by Web Manager published Feb 06, 2017 01:35 PM, last modified Jan 08, 2018 07:35 AM
by Dr. Barbara Watters

Welcome to the Leadership Café, a place where MPS alumni and faculty can share their experiences and provide advice to others.

The Leadership Café is the result of feedback we received from our students.  A feedback survey was emailed to all MPS students in September, 2016.  We received a lot of valuable information about what we are doing well and how the program could be improved.  One comment that appeared repeatedly was that students wanted an opportunity to network with alumni and faculty, expand their knowledge about leadership in various settings, and stay in touch with the program beyond graduation.  Thus, we designed the Leadership Café with those goals in mind. 

Alumni and faculty will be invited to contribute short articles to the Café.  Articles will span a wide range of topics from case studies of inspiring leaders, applying leadership theories to specific organizational settings, ways the program enhanced one’s career, and many more.  Readers should feel free to post comments and exchange ideas with the authors.  The views expressed are solely those of the authors and commenters.  Respectful, friendly conversation is expected and welcomed.  Any comments that are insulting or profane will be removed.

So I invite you to use the Leadership Café to demonstrate your leadership and stay connected to your peers.  We hope to see you here!

Dr. Watters is the Director of the Psychology of Leadership program.