New Student Checklist

by Web Manager published Jan 23, 2017 10:15 AM, last modified Feb 17, 2017 02:28 PM

Accept or decline the offer

Upon receiving our offer letter, log into your status page on the Graduate School website and either accept or decline the offer. (This is very important—if you plan to accept, you won’t be able to proceed with enrollment until you complete this step.)

Order official transcripts

Once you are admitted, the Graduate School will ask you for sealed, paper copies of all of your transcripts and provide instructions as to where to send them.

Go to Tech Camp

Found at Here you will learn about Penn State access accounts, as well as LionPATH and Canvas, the two systems used to enroll and participate in online learning at Penn State.

Check your LionPATH Communications Center

The topmost blue information box on the right-hand side of your LionPATH student center page, it indicates whether you have any pending messages and communications. Clicking on the Go to Communication Center link displays a dashboard that lists all of your messages and communications, both pending and completed.

Accept the Financial Responsibility Agreement

Located in the blue Holds box located immediately below the Communications Center. You must do this before you can enroll in classes. If you try to register for a course and are prevented because of a “hold” on your record, it is most likely because you have not accepted the FRA.

Complete your LionPATH To Do List

The blue information box immediately below the Holds box. This box alerts you to any pre-registration tasks you have yet to perform and also shows you the status of any pending activities you have already put in motion.

Develop a study plan with your academic advisor

Before selecting and enrolling in your courses, it may be helpful to discuss your choices with your academic advisor, who can provide you with more detail as to prerequisites, workload, etc.

Select and Enroll in Courses

Browse available courses by clicking the green Search for Classes button located on the right-hand side of your student center page, above the blue information boxes.

Manage Your Learning Experience

The Canvas environment provides you with a dashboard for this purpose. Note that it may take a few days for your selections to show up there—the enrollment process currently doesn’t happen in real time.

When Needed, View Self-Help Tech Resources