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Shared Leadership in the Military: Reality, Possibility, or Pipedream?

Title: Shared Leadership in the Military: Reality, Possibility, or Pipedream?

Authors: Douglas Lindsay, David Day, & Stanley Halpin

Abstract: Shared leadership involves building a broader and deeper capacity for leadership that goes beyond a formally appointed leader. Several models of team leadership are reviewed, distinguishing between the leadership of teams from leadership in teams. Shared leadership is a variant of the latter in which everyone on the team is responsible for leadership and where leadership emerges through patterned interactions of team members. Overall, shared leadership appears to be a possibility for the military— and one that is needed because of the increasing complexity of missions—but efforts need to be undertaken to incorporate it into formal training and doctrine.

APA Citation:  Lindsay, D. R., Day, D. V., & Halpin, S. M. (2011). Shared leadership in the military: Reality, possibility, or pipedream? Special Issue on Military Leadership: Past, Present, and Considerations for the Future. Military Psychology, 23, 528-549.

Link:  http://ezaccess.libraries.psu.edu/login?url=http://search.proquest.com.ezaccess.libraries.psu.edu/docview/1288301688?accountid=13158

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