by Peggy Anthony published Sep 12, 2017 11:35 AM, last modified Apr 26, 2018 09:18 AM
We value students’ feedback and we know we’ve hit the target when students recommend the Psychology of Leadership program to others. Read quotes from students who affirm the quality and value of what we have to offer.

This program was well designed for working adults with busy lives. The professors are understanding, easily accessible and flexible. The program allows you to utilize terms and concepts to help solve real life scenarios. We are able to work with classmates, and offer support as we move along gracefully in this program. Overall, you're able to learn a lot, not only from the brilliant professors but intelligent and experienced classmates from all over the world. It's a great program and WE ARE PENN STATE....

LaKiesha Alexander, May 2017 graduate

Yes, I absolutely would recommend the program to others.  The information is provided clearly and concisely.  The information is immediately applicable to work environments.  The workload is appropriately manageable.  The instructors are approachable.

Brendan Bagley, May 2018 graduate

It puts the science behind why you and your organization act and make decisions.  It allows you to understand others and effect change using proven methods.

Daren Kullman, May 2017 graduate

I would indeed recommend the program, and I have indeed! This is the best university program that I've been involved after 4 different past schools, each having an online requirement.

Tom Peters, MPS student

The MPS Psychology of Leadership program dives into the behavior of leaders and the two-way exchange between leaders and others within the organization; often times leaders focus solely on the tasks and their results and overlook those that actually complete the tasks that make a company successful.  This program provides great insight into understanding the impact of leader behaviors on the behaviors and actions of others. It balances the theoretical with the practical application of leadership.

Susan Wilt, August 2017 graduate